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CoaLINE filter elements

Cartridges are designed to effectively remove liquid and typical contaminants from gaseous environments to protect equipment used in gas extraction, transportation or processing.

CoaLINE series of coalescing cartridges are designed to separate condensate from wet gases in combination with the removal of fine solid particles. Filter elements allow coalescing extremely fine oil mist particles in submicron range into recoverable liquids.

Depending on the application, the environment consumption per cartridge can vary widely. All cartridges can work in both horizontal and vertical devices.

TH-CL typeA series of coalescing cartridges designed to extract condensate from wet gases while removing solids at the same time. The cartridge is able to coalesce the critical flow of moisture on the submicron level.
TH-CL(S) typeSimplified version of the standard TH-CL coalescing cartridge designed to separate liquid particles from gases. It is the most economical solution for filtration of gas flow with low concentration of moisture and mechanical inclusions.
TH-CL(P) typeSeries of coalescing cartridges with pleated coalescing layer designed to extract condensate from wet gases. Designed specifically for applications where a larger filter surface is required, so the filter element has low flow resistance and is ideal for operation in a small system overpressure.
TH-CML typeA coalescing cartridge ideal for applications where high efficiency of removal of liquid and solid particles from wet gases is required. The integrated pre-filtration layer effectively removes solids, which significantly increases the lifespan of the filter element. In order to achieve high filtration efficiency at low pressure drop, the filter layer is corrugated. The corrugated part is additionally separated by a second core made of steel.
TH-COL typeThree-stage coalescing cartridges to remove fine oil mist, condensate and solids from wet gases. The cartridge uses special microlayers for condensing oil mist in the gas flow. As in the TH-CML type, the pre-filtration layer effectively removes solid impurities.
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