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CoaLINE coalescing filters

CoaLINE coalescing filters is a highly efficient technological solution designed for use in all gas processing processes in order to extract liquids from gases and remove small particles of drip moisture and mechanical inclusions that cannot be removed by cyclones, louver kits or drip-repulsing devices.

  • fuel gas filtration;
  • filtration of process gas, including in gas treatment units;
  • filtration of hydrocarbon and hydrogen-containing gas;
  • factory air and tool gas;

The CoaLINE series of coalescing filters offers solutions with a performance step and a range of design pressures up to 16 MPa. If necessary, standard solutions can be refined to meet the specific requirements of the questionnaire.

Examples of technological tasks:

  • coalescence of gases at the compression stage, removal of oil, water and solid particles from the purified gas flow;
  • filtration of incoming gas flow in natural gas processing systems;
  • protection of adsorption and compressor equipment from negative effects of moisture;
  • protection of gas drying systems and protection of catalyst layer;
  • preparation stage for UGS;
  • stages of gas transportation;
  • etc.
CoaLINE coalescing filters
CoaLINE coalescing filters
CoaLINE coalescing filters
CoaLINE coalescing filters
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