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Since 2007 on the basis of JSC «EC «Technohim» the design of pressure vessels was carried out with calculation and selection of internals that perform separation of independent phases.

In 2012, the Filtration Department was established to work on projects related to filtration and separation of liquid and gaseous media. Licensed software was used to design devices, simulate flows and select internal devices. As internals of vessels and apparatus operating under pressure, diffusors, drop eliminators, filter elements of other manufacturers were used.

Since 2012 the specialists of the Filtration Department have implemented more than 300 projects on the manufacture of new filtration equipment, modernization of existing equipment, replacement of internals for gas and petrochemical industries.

In 2016, the company launched its own production of filter elements, including coalescers of moisture and oil mist from the flow of gas media, localized the technology production of a German company, which allows to carry out calculations of flow rate and separation efficiency, to effectively select filter materials, to carry out selection of filter elements depending on the filtering tasks. Since 2016, the company's specialists have implemented more than 200 projects with the use of filter elements of own production both for new facilities and projects related to import substitution filter elements of the world's leading manufacturers.

In 2018, its own laboratory was launched, allowing to test the produced filter elements for flow rate and separation efficiency in accordance with the standards that comply with ISO 12500 in its parts.

In 2019, SATEC TM St. Petersburg Technology Center was established as an independent company capable of implementing a comprehensive engineering and research base approach to the development of technologies of filtration and separation of liquid and gaseous media.