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Technical solutions

Separation in general and Filtration in particular are aimed at separating one or more independent phases from another phase in a process based on the difference in the physical properties of these phases. The problem can be solved both with the use of various types of cyclone separation devices, filter scrubbers with the use of mesh drop eliminators, plate packages, etc., and with application of dead-end filtration process using cartridge and basket type elements based on various filter materials. However, the higher the requirements for the quality of filtration, the more efficient and expedient the use of cartridge filter elements becomes and more qualified an approach to the selection of filter materials used and the development of filtration technology is necessary. In its development, SATEC TM specializes in solving the following technological tasks:

  • mechanical filtration of liquids and gases;
    Technical capabilities of the company allow to ensure the fineness of filtration of liquid media up to 1 microns, with efficiency of 99.98% and gaseous media up to 0.3 microns, with efficiency of 99.9999%.
  • removal of moisture and oil mist;
    SATEC TM coalescing technologies with CoaLINE filter elements allow for the removal of fine particles of moisture, including oil mist from the flow natural and associated gas with removal efficiency up to 99.999%. The removal efficiency of solids and drip moisture is confirmed by laboratory tests conforming to ISO 12500 standards in its parts.
  • separation of immiscible liquid phases;
    Technologies of separation of liquids with the separation of two immiscible phases, including the use of filter elements of coalescing and separating types allow to ensure separation of liquids with residual content of dispersed phase up to 10 — 15 ppm.