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TechSLIT series mechanical cleaning filters

This technological solution is most applicable in processes with high mud load and at the same time does not require absolute filtration rating. Filtration technology is based on the use of slit type filter elements with filtration fineness up to 25 microns in the filters-apparatus.

High mud load applications require solutions that allow multiple regeneration of filter elements, often without stopping of the filtering process. From this point of view, the most effective use of slit type filter elements, allowing to carry out their effective back-current washing or mechanical cleaning. For the most effective operation of the technology, filter elements are used in the composition of filter devices, the design of which takes into account the possibility of flushing the filter element without stopping the flow of leachate or automatic washing with the use of mechanical cleaning of filter cartridges.

Areas of application:

  • mechanical filtration of river and reservoir water;
  • mechanical filtration of process water;
  • mechanical filtration of liquid hydrocarbons, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene fractions, gas oil, fuel oil, etc.