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CoaLINE filtration technology

Application of CoaLINE filtration technology allows to achieve a high degree of liquid phase removal from the gas flow. The technology includes coalescers selected on the basis of technological process modeling using highly efficient filter elements of coalescing type in their composition.

The technology is applicable both in the development of new and in the modernization of existing filtration equipment.

CoaLINE gas filtration technology is based on the use of coalescing type filter elements in filters and separators. For the purpose of correct selection of type of filter elements, as well as selection of type of additional separator and correct application of them in technological process modeling is carried out gas flow.

Calculation of filter elements is made on the basis of laboratory testing data. Due to the use of modern high-quality filter materials, the technology provides high efficiency of the release of fine drip moisture with simultaneous reduction of mass and dimensional parameters of filtration equipment.

A comprehensive approach, including modeling of the gas flow with selection of the type of separation devices and calculation of the required number of filter elements, allows to achieve optimal dimensions of a device that provides the required performance characteristics.

Laboratory testing of filter materials and elements ensures stable process performance.