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IFlow and OFlow mechanical cleaning filters

IFlow and OFlow mechanical cleaning filters are designed for applications requiring removal of fine mechanical inclusions at high fluid flows. Filters allow to solve problems in various industries related to high quality requirements of the final product.

The presence of even a small number of contaminants in both the final product and service environments can cause serious technological problems process. The most common problems of filtration of liquid media are solids such as rust and pellet, which can contaminate and destroy distribution equipment (eg. pumps, nozzles, counters, motors, etc.), cause a failure of the heat exchanger/reboiler. In addition, corrosive contaminants can, for example, impair the properties of amines and reduce the efficiency of gas treatment, increase energy consumption and shorten the life of the equipment.

The final products must also meet the requirements of quality standards. To ensure this compliance and protect downstream equipment, an optimal filtration system is needed to remove solid contaminants.

Filters are designed for use in the petrochemical industry for filtration of liquid media at high volume costs. The most common applications relate to the removal of solid and semi-solid contaminants:

  • filtration of process and production water;
  • wastewater filtration;
  • pre-filtration before reverse osmosis membranes;
  • filtration of coolants;
  • filtration of diesel fuel;
  • filtering of amines and glycols, etc.