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TechWM series mechanical cleaning filters - gas

TechWM series mechanical filters and filter elements are designed to remove large and small mechanical inclusions from liquid and gas flow. Depending on the filtering task, TechWM filters can be used as a pre-stage or as a final cleaning device.

In technological problems involving the presence of large quantities of mechanical inclusions, as well as in processes involving high temperature operating modes and not allowing the use of polymeric filter materials it is more appropriate to use equipment with the use of cartridges based on metal nets with different micronutrients as filter elements.

Filtration equipment is developed for filtration of liquid and gaseous media, and the design of filter elements takes into account such parameters as viscosity and density of the filter medium and type, properties and number of mechanical inclusions. The design of the devices is refined by engineers in accordance with the requirements of the technological process.

Areas of application:

  • mechanical filtration of natural gas as part of desiccant and purification units for acidic components;
  • mechanical filtration of natural and associated gas as part of gas-regulating stations, cabinet-type gas-regulating stations, block-type gas-regulating stations, etc;
  • mechanical filtration of fuel, purge gas;
  • mechanical filtration of industrial gases, including air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, acetylene, etc.;
  • mechanical filtration of process water;
  • mechanical filtration of hydraulic oils;
  • mechanical filtration of liquid hydrocarbons, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene fractions, gas oil, fuel oil, etc.