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TechWM filter elements

TECHWM filter elements are cartridge type elements based on metal mesh made of AISI 304 and AISI 316 steel. The element is a solid metal structure. In order to increase the area of the filter surface, the filter material can be laid in the form of corrugations, which allows to increase the throughput and resource of the filter element. Depending on the filtration problem, the amount of corrugations in the filter bag is calculated taking into account contamination, viscosity of the leachate and regeneration requirements. Depending on the operating conditions, they are made with adhesive or welded joint. The filter element structure also takes into account the flow direction of the leachate.

TechWM filter elements provide rated filtration fineness up to 5 microns, operating temperature up to 400°C and can be used as part of standard design filters in order to increase the efficiency of the devices and reduce the cost of their maintenance.

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