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Issues of industrial filtration in project organizations are often not paid enough attention and they are covered by typical inefficient solutions in complex projects.

St. Petersburg technology center of filtration and separation SATEC TM, created on the basis of JSC «EC «Technohim», actively develops the area of filtration technologies. The company offers engineering solutions in the field of design of both block equipment and separate positions of filtration equipment for oil and gas refineries, petrochemical and oil refining facilities, chemical industry. Carries out design and calculation of filters and separators, as well as selection of filter elements.

SATEC TM service is not limited to the production of filter elements, but on the contrary it includes a comprehensive approach to solving the problem with the correct application of filter elements in technological process, calculation and testing of their flow rate and separation efficiency.

The company has a staff of design engineers, technologists, design, laboratory-technical and production base. By purchasing our products, you get not only a qualitatively manufactured filter element, but a properly selected filtration technology.

SATEC TM develops effective solutions related to:

  • removal of fine mechanical particles from liquid and gas,
  • removal of moisture and oil mist from the flow of natural and associated gas,
  • separation of immiscible liquid phases.

Technological problems are solved both with the application of long-term experience accumulated by specialists of JSC «EC «Technohim», and by localization of the most efficient filtration and separation solutions of the world's leading manufacturers.

In its solutions, the company specializes in the application of advanced technologies, allowing to reduce the mass and dimensional characteristics of the equipment while maintaining highly efficient quality indicators, that allows you to optimize capital and operating costs.

The range of services includes the design, manufacture and modernization of pressure vessels and other filtration equipment as well as the production of the filter elements themselves. We help to standardize existing filtering solutions.
We support our customers with design solutions to guarantee maximum filtration efficiency, compact assembly, maximum possible dust capacity, low pressure drop and optimal service life.