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Actual values of flow rate and separation efficiency of filter elements are the basis for selection of filtration technology and design of filtration equipment. SATEC TM test equipment allows testing of filter elements in accordance with GOST, ISO standards in conditions closest to working conditions.

The main problem of majority of the most common types of test equipment used to test filter elements is measurement uncertainty, which is often is interpreted by manufacturers as evidence of high quality indicators of their products. The advantage and an important advantage of the SATEC TM test laboratory is the regular testing of manufactured filter elements to determine the flow rate and separation efficiency, as close as possible to the workers. The tests are carried out on a unique and unique test stand in the CIS, designed and manufactured according to individual specifications. Generators of solid and aerosol particles are used to create operating conditions during testing of full-size filter elements, for calculation of detained particles a special patented optical meter system with modern analytical signal processing software is used. Laboratory equipment complies with the measurement methods established in GOST ISO 12500 and GOST R 50554 and allows obtaining the most accurate data on the separation capacity of filter elements, eliminate signal matching errors or boundary zone errors and guarantee product compliance with Customer's requirements.

Available laboratory capacities allow to carry out 100% input control of used filter materials, promptly and efficiently carry out research of working environments, to carry out selection of materials under the requirements set by the Customer.