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TechSLIT series filter elements

TechSLIT filter elements are cartridge type elements designed for filtration of liquid media and have welded structure of profiled wire. The main advantage of the slotted filter surface is the formation of an additional layer of mechanical impurities during the filtration process. This is because the filtered particles come in contact with the sharp edges of the V-profile at only two points, creating a «Bridge» over the individual sections of the slit.

Due to their design, the filter cartridges made of profiled wire have an exceptional ability to regenerate backflow and, consequently, a long life service. Depending on the design of the device, the design of the filter element can take into account the direction of flow from outward to inward and inward-outward.

TechSLIT filter elements can be manufactured with different sizes depending on the task and technical parameters of operation, micron rating up to 25 microns.

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